8 of the Rarest, Most Interesting Whiskies on Whizzky

12-03-2018 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Rare whiskies on Whizzky means only one of these exist on the app, in a user's collection. There could be 200 or 1000 of these produced but only one user added it to their collection. These range from commemorative bottles or a one-of-a-kind whiskies. We have rounded up 8 from a list of 200 rare whiskies that got our attention. These rare whiskies were added by 1 user within a community of over 60 000 Whizzky users - more than the population of Greenland.

Dewar's Legacy 1893

Dewar's Legacy 1893

This is a one-of-a-kind whisky released in celebration of Dewar's 120th anniversary since it got its royal warrant. Only one of these are on a user's collection on Whizzky. The Scotch blend features 20 rare and long-aged whiskies, some used by Dewar's founder, John Dewar. The impressive packaging is presented in the finest hand-blown crystal decanter with handcrafted silverware made by Scottish craftsmen. The design is inspired by the dirk, the Scottish ceremonial dagger. The dirk is decorated with a thistle motif in 22-carat gold, and has as its centerepiece 9 sapphires inspired by the famous Stuart Sapphire, owned by many Scottish kings before it became part of Queen Victoria’s Imperial State Crown.Each of these sold for £2400 and only 1000 were produced. Pretty rare stuff!

Jenson Button John walker edition

Jenson Button

John Walker & Sons Signature Blend by Jenson Button

A special John Walker & Sons created to suit Formula 1 driver Jenson Button's palate. Released in 2012, this limited edition of the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend was a production of 25 bottles and only available to purchase by invitation! The Formula 1 driver created a profile of his whisky palate at the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend in Shanghai, which was transported to Scotland where master blender Jim Beveridge created the custom blend. The packaging includes a Formula 1 wheel nut and decanter stopper. One of Whizzky users is either 1 of the 25 invited to buy or bought it at auction.

booker's First batch 1979

Booker's First Batch

Booker's 1979 First Batch

This Booker's is the first batch from the Jim Beam owned distillery. This is Freddy Noe's first batch. A 7 year old bourbon distilled in 1979. Only one of these are on Whizzky. Freddy was a 6th generation master distiller who introduced the world to small batch bourbon; it is believed that he coined the term small batch. His son Fred is now master distiller after making a promise to his father that he would make sure that nobody messed with his Booker's.

Bowmore 37 Year Old

Bowmore 1968 37 Year Old

Bowmore 1968 37 Year Old

Only 708 bottles of this 37 year old Bowmore were produced and only 1 of them exist in a user's collection. This Islay expression was matured in several bourbon casks and has been described as one of the bottles from Bowmore's golden age of distilling. Bowmore is the oldest surviving distillery on Islay with its warehouse 1, partly below sea level.

Bushmills Single Cask Sherry

Bushmills Single Cask 1989 Sherry Hogshead is an exquisite example of Bushmill's single cask expressions. From the oldest licensed distillery in the world, this Bushmills was matured in sherry hogshead number 7434. Only 1 Whizzky user has this cask strength Bushmills in their collection. Bushmills whiskey has been around for a very long time.

Port Ellen 13th Release

Port Ellen 1978 34 Year Old 13th Release

11 users on Whizzky each own 1 bottle from the soon-to-be-reopened Port Ellen distillery, each a different expression including Port Ellen 13th Release 1978 34 Year Old. Diageo releases whiskies such as Port Ellen every year as part of their Special Releases.These are highly sought after, selling with 24 hours for at least £2350 a bottle. The most popular expression from Port Ellen is The Old Malt Cask Port Ellen 1982 26 Year Old -only 4 users have this bottle in their collection.

Balvenie 50 Year Old

Balvenie 50 Year Old Cask 4570 and 4567

The Balvenie 50 Year Old from Cask 4570.

This is one of two 50 year old expressions from The Balvenie which were matured in Warehouse 24. Cask 4570 and Cask 4567 were left to mature for 50 years and both casks produced different whiskies. Only 1 user has The Balvenie 50 Year Old from cask 4570. Nobody has added The Balvenie 50 Year Old Cask 4567 to their collection, yet. Do you have it in your collection?

Chichibu matsuri 2017

Chichibu Matsuri 2017

Chichibu Single Cask Matsuri 2017 was bottled for the Chichibu Whisky Festival. Dekanta describes it as "Intense, deep, and voted one of the best single malts in the world". The single malt also won World's Best Single Cask Single Malt" at the 2017 World Whiskies Awards. Only 1 user has this Japanese single malt in their collection and has rated it 5/5.

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