Heavy Metal Band Metallica to Launch Whiskey

05-03-2018 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Heavy metal band Metallica are working on releasing a Metallica themed whiskey from their own distillery, according to their business partner Dave Pickell.

Metallica joins a host of celebrities that love their whiskey. The band is working with former Maker's Mark distiller Dave Pickell on the project. The former master distiller said to WhiskyCast “I can just say that we’re going to make a killer whiskey product, and probably build a little distillery someplace as well…putting all the logistics together and crashing just as hard as we can."

The location of the distillery is still being debated. According to Pickell it could be located in “San Francisco, the home of Metallica, Louisville, the home of bourbon, and Nashville, the home of music".

Metallica is an iconic heavy metal band which was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. The band has a song titled "Whiskey in a Jar" from their album "Garage Inc".