Bunnahabhain is Getting a Face-Lift

10-07-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Bunnahabhain, Islay's most northern distillery is getting a £11 million renovation in the next 3 years to boost tourism and remove the distillery's scruffy appearance.

Upgrades to the site buildings over the next 3 years will focus on making the distillery more attractive to whisky tourists. This will include an upgrade of 8 luxury cottages which visitors to the distillery can use as well as the addition of a large lounge in Bunnahabhain's Warehouse 9 and a new visitor's centre.

Derek Scott, general manager of malts at Distell, mentiond that "...We’re the scruffy site; it’s not an unfair statement. It’s not the easiest journey to make to get to us on Islay. So, if you’ve made it all the way to the distillery, spend some time with us; we’ll make it easy for you."

Most of the work will focus on demolishing and replacing existing warehouses and buildings, but will begin with upgrading the single-lane road leading to the distillery.

With all these renovations taking place, whisky lovers of the gentle Islay dram will be happy to heat that Bunnahabhain is not changing its style of whisky.