The Japanese Highball: An Art Form

14-07-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Japan's favourite cocktail the Japanese Highball is not just a whisky soda. As with all things, the Japanese put a meticulous spin on the norm, making the Japanese highball an art form with specific ingredients including carved ice.

Encompassing a common Japanese principle called kodawari,which means unwavering attention or meticulous attention to detail, the Japanese Highball is one of the simplest cocktails turned into a delicate, refreshing and flavorful drink. Give it a try.


2 oz Japanese whisky

Soda Water

Carved Ice


1. Stir a single piece of carved ice in the glass until the sides start to chill. Pour off the melted water.

2. Pour Japanese whisky over the ice, add one more piece to bring the liquid and ice to a level point in the glass, and stir thirteen and a half times, clockwise.

3. Add the third piece of ice, and top off with two-thirds of soda water.

4. Stir clockwise, three and a half times.

5. Lift the stirring spoon to homogenise the whisky and water. Without stirring the drink any further, softly draw the spoon from the glass and serve.