Tennessee Whiskey Trail

23-06-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Tennessee has launched its own whiskey trail encompassing over 30 distilleries throughout the state.

Hot off the tracks of the popular Kentucky Bourbon Trail, comes the Tennessee Whiskey Trail which spans across the land-locked state known for its hospitality, music and American whiskey. .

The trail promises an experience of the history and tradition of Tennessee whiskey as well as the innovative Tennessee distillers. Distilleries featured on the Trail include Old Dominick in the West Tennessee, Jack Daniel's in Mid-Tennessee and Bootleggers Distillery, in East Tennessee. In addition to whiskey, the trail offers genuine southern hospitality, the mighty Mississippi river, Great Smokey Mountain and jazz filled streets of Memphis.

On the whiskey trail, visitors can collect memories and stamps with the Tennessee Whiskey Trail Passport available at the featured distilleries.