Glenrothes Sold Back To Edrington

04-05-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

After 7 years of ownership, wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has sold the Glenrothes brand back to the Edrington Group. Edrington sold the brand to Berry Bros & Rudd in 2010 but retained ownership of the cooperage and distillery.

Paul Ross, managing director of Edrington’s super-premium business unit said, “We are very pleased to be reuniting the brand with its distillery and we know it will be an excellent member of Edrington’s leading family of premium brands, including The Macallan and Highland Park”.

Dan Jago, chief executive of Berry Bros & Rudd said, “Berry Bros & Rudd has nurtured the Glenrothes brand”, mentioning that that is it had been “a great honour” to own Glenrothes.

The Glenrothes is a single malt Scotch known for its non-conformity of releases in age statements, preferring to release vintages instead.