Haunted Distillery Series: Wild Turkey

03-01-2017 By Emily Stockden

Wild Turkey distillery is said to be haunted by the Ripy family ghost and once again, workers at the distillery made the claim having reported hearing strange sounds at both the distillery and the rackhouses for many years. In this case the noises were footsteps, voices, typewriters clacking and doors opening and closing. Dark shadows and full body apparitions have also been reported. This photo showing what looks like a man leaning up against a pole is uncanny given that the pole doesn’t exist in reality. Photoshop? Likely. Eerie? Definitely.

 ghost at Rackhouse wild turkey distillery

A photo from the Wild Turkey Rackhouse showing a man leaning against a pole that doesn't exist

Perhaps this photo is of Ripy, or Bob as he’s more commonly known; a deceased worker from the distillery. In 1869, the Ripy family founded the distillery and Olivia Ripy is the last of the Ripy family to be employed at Wild Turkey. She claims to have heard her uncle Roger Ripy’s voice and seen cabinet doors opening and closing on their own and dishes falling from shelves… Creepy but also disappointingly TV-friendly for those skeptics among us. We aren't sure who Bob is but he's definitely in the picture below which is of the Ripy family.

Ripy family photo

Ripy Family photo