Ardbeg Distillery Expansion On The Cards

19-02-2018 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Plans are underway for a new still house at Ardbeg distillery to ensure a steady supply of whisky for Ardbeg fans. This was announced by The Glenmorangie Company which bought Ardbeg in 1997.

The multi-million pound expansion, still in its planning phase, will include a new still house that will have 2 additional stills. Upon approval, this expansion will be completed by 2019. A new boiler room, which has been approved, is already under construction.

Marc Hoellinger, CEO of The Glenmorangie Company said, "We are delighted by Ardbeg’s success since 1997 – and by the growing passion for our whisky from fans around the world...with a new still house, we will pave the way for future generations of smoky malt whisky lovers to discover The Ultimate Islay Malt."

The Glenmorangie company announced, earlier this month, plans to expand Glenmorangie distillery in Tain. The company is also owned by Moët Hennessy. The luxury good giant bought US based craft distiller Woodinville Whiskey Company in 2017; a move into the American whiskey space.