What Your Favourite Whisky Says About You

24-11-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

You walk into a bar and order your favourite dram. They say you can tell a lot about a person by their choice in whisky. We sat down with some bartenders and had a chat about the different whisky people they interact with and the drinks they order. All whisky drinkers are our favourite people.

Smoky or PeatynWhisky

You’re the bomb! You are a badass and you know it, even if you don't show it. OG of the whisky streets. You probably know how to order your Ardbeg Corryvreckan in perfect Scottish Gaelic. You’re passionate about Islay having stood in long queues at Fèis Ìle, for festival bottlings.

Irish Whisky

You know what’s really good. A lot of people may not knownthis about you but you’re probably the smartest person in a room. You know thatnBushmills is the world’s oldest licensed distillery. You are willing tonchallenge the status quo by enjoying a whisky cocktail or two. You are the best – best friend a personncan ever have. A man’s man, notnfazed by anything. You’re most likely to enjoy a tequila straight – not shots.

woman drinking whisky

Woman Orders Any Whisky

You are an emboldened woman, Elizabeth I meets Cleopatra. Our kind of girl.


Our favourite hipster, a non conformist. You think single malts are great but will notnbe tied down to their perceived glory. You’re a budding whisky reviewer withnhis nose in a book, always learning, taking in info about all things whisky. You enjoy St Patrick’s Day and the special Jameson bottles it comes with. You have all the facts and anworldly view about whisky. Next whisky you’re trying is a whisky from NewnZealand or Australia. There are no limits nor whisky boxes you tick.


The cool kid on the block. You think you own the whisky streets.nA whisky enthusiast. You could be the head-boy of the High School of The WhiskynStreets. You know who Brendan McCarron is, probably follow him on Instagram.nYou know what Easter Elchies House is and it's on your bucket list. You had fun at Spiritnof Speyside. Unmonitored, you could become an elitist whisky snob - hankering people about their use of ice in their whisky. You have paid tons of money onnyour whisky education and experience. You’re thenposter boy for dedicated whisky bars.

Dalmore Whisky Bottles


These are the guys who scan a lot of single cask whiskies onnWhizzky App. You belong to a distillery whisky clubs. Your Scotch Malt Whisky Societynmembership renews automatically every year. You know that Dr Jim Swan hasnnothing to do with Swan Lake. You have a large whisky collection and arenprobably the person that everybody looks to for anything whisky. And you’renhappy to oblige. Some may think of you as a snob, but you aren't. You're just a treasure trove of whisky knowledge and bottles.

Kavalan Whiskies

World Whisky

Experimental, not satisfied with the cult of Scotch. Younknow that Kavalan range is just as good as any premium Scotch, and you thinknit’s better than most Scotch. You appreciate the subtlety and delicate naturenof Japanese whiskies. You’re experimental with food and whisky pairings. You are a traveler, appreciating culture and differences that make the worldnbeautiful. Your scans on Whizzky are the most interesting. But be careful, notnall spirits with over 40% abv are whisky.