The Old Fashioned: A Brief History

27-10-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

The Old Fashioned is a bar standard. The OG and most venerable of cocktails, dating back to 1800s. This classic cocktail is described by many as not too sweet and not too strong. We describe it as just what a cocktail should be - perfect.

This classic Old Fashioned was first mentioned in 1806 in a newspaper called The Balance and Columbian Repositry. The editor referred to a cocktail made of spirit, bitters, water and sugar. This was also the first time the word cocktail was used. In 1881, in a private social club known as Pendennis Club in Lousiville Kentucky, a bartender made the cocktail using bourbon. He made the cocktail for James E Pepper, a celebrated flamboyant bourbon distiller. Pepper is said to have taken this recipe to the Waldof Astoria Hotel bar in New York bar and from there, introduced to the world.

The name Old Fashioned is believed to have been coined at the Pendennis Club by James E Pepper. There was a time where the name Old fashioned described a general style of cocktail One could find Old fashioned Rum cocktails and Old Fashioned made with gin. Luckily for us, this cocktail is firmly rooted in whisky.

Which whisky - just about any whisky! The beauty of the Old Fashioned is that it is a versatile cocktail. You can use Canadian, Bourbon, Scotch and even even a smoky whisky like Talisker as your base whisky. Check out this Weymss Malt Old Fashioned below. They suggest using any of their blended malts.