Israel's First Single Malt Released

14-08-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Milk and Honey, Israel's first distillery, has released its first single malt under the Experimental Series and it is kosher.

The expression was laid down three years ago in new American oak and finished in ex-bourbon barrels with only 361 bottles produced by the Tel Aviv distillery. The first 100 bottles are on on auction until 21 August 2017 on Whisky Auctioneer website.

Eitan Attir, Milk and Honey's CEO describes the expression as " a young whisky". The hot climate conditions have resulted in a 3 year old single malt spirit with a mature and complex spirit well beyond its years.

Tomer Goren, the head distiller with the late Dr Jim Swan created what Attir describes as, " a recipe for a whisky that’s mellow, not peated not harsh. There’s a lot of ex-bourbon, lot of fruitiness from the barley, it is non-chill filtered and we sell it at 46% abv".