Grant's Presents The Greatest Interview In The World

04-08-2017 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Grant's is looking for their 2018 global ambassador with possibly the best interview in the world. The prospective global ambassadors, as part of their interview, will embark on the journey travelled by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909. Gordon travelled the world with Grant's whisky in a suitcase to promote the whisky.

The best interview in the world comprises three stages beginning with interested candidates submitting a whisky cocktail to be served to friends that they have not met. The cocktail should include three ingredients, one which must be Grant's and the other two, must describe their character.

Stage two will have the 20 finalists chosen from stage one flown to a special event at Grant's Family estate in Scotland. Here they will compete for a space in the top three. Finally the top three will be chosen and will set off on a journey, visiting three cities around the world on a ten day trip with a suitcase with Grant's.

All three journeys will be documented by a personal film-maker, with the candidate whose journey best represents the spirit of the brand, awarded the job.