A Mobile App for Whisky Lovers

Discover fine whisky with Whizzky!
Scan bottle labels to get information in seconds.
Save your favourites, rate, share ratings and new finds on social media and create private tasting notes.
Start an exclusive, members-only Whisky Club and invite friends, collectively share and rate Whiskies and save tasting notes.
Brush up on Whisky tasting tips: watch Whizzky’s tutorial videos.

Available for Android and iOS.

The Comprehensive Whisky Community App

With new members joining daily, the Whizzky community is abuzz with scanning, uploading new finds, rating, sharing, creating clubs, favouriting, saving tasting notes and sharing knowledge daily. The app is updated regularly based on user feedback and developments in the world of Whisky.

Here are some of the features Whizzky users enjoy:

Scan Whisky Labels

Open the scanner, position the bottle label in front of the square as directed, tap scan and have all the details delivered into the palm of your hand: from the region and type of whisky to its average rating from other users, from its unique history to detailed tasting notes. So simple! No more Googling in bottle stores and trawling irrelevant info!

Add to the Database

If you scan a Whisky label that is not yet on our database, be the person to upload it! We will add it - together with relevant information - and you’ll receive an email to confirm it’s now on the Whizzky database. New Whiskies are added daily as our community - and their enthusiasm for the app -grows.

Rate and Favourite

Scan or search for a Whisky and give it your rating out of 5. If it’s one of your best ever, add it to your Favourites. Have a look at how others have rated it. The app allows for ½ star rating as well.

Whisky Clubs

Start your own mobile Whisky club - simply enter the club name, a brief description and a picture and invite your friends to join. Members - and only members - will have access to your tasting notes, ratings and favourites, enabling you to share opinions as and when you taste even if you’re not together - no more forgetting the name of that incredible Whisky you sampled!

Tasting Notes

Make notes as and when you taste so that you don’t forget the layers of complexity you’re sampling, the flavour notes that (often-fleetingly) emerge, the finish, the mouthfeel and all the other delightful descriptors a delicious dram brings to mind!

Tutorial Videos

Whiskylovers are like a good dram - multi-faceted, complex and excellent story-tellers. We couldn’t resist filming some of our favourite Whisky experts in action so that we can share their tips and tricks for tasting our favourite tipple! We hope you learn a little and enjoy one of the best things - aside from the liquid - about the world of Whisky: the people who live here and their big personalities, strong opinions, great stories, desire to impart what they’ve learnt and sense of heritage like no other.


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Available for Android and iOS